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  • Who's ready for another evening of 'Wine down' Wednesday? 🍷🍷🍷 Join us for a meat & cheese boards along with 2 glasses of house wine for £10 or upgrade to a bottle of house wine for only £15.
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  • It's National Prosecco Day! But do we ever need an excuse to drink it? 🥂🍾🥂🍾
A perfect way to start the week off 🙌🏻
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  • We think you should start the weekend with our fab beer can range! 🍻🍻🍻 #TheDecanter #Winebar #Wine #Food #Meat #Cheese #Charcuterie #Porkpie #Whitewine #Redwine #sparklingwine #Champagne #Prosecco #Bellinis #Cocktails #Spirits #LeedsBars #Leeds #gin #whiskey #rum #bourbon #tequila #liqueur #vodka #Lager #Beer #Ale #Friday #Weekend
  • Have you tried our Rhubarb Bellini yet? 🥂
Perfect treat for a Thursday evening! 🥂

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  • 'Wine down' Wednesday is here from 4pm!

Which house wine will you choose to pair with your chosen food board this evening? 🍷🍷🍷 #TheDecanter #Winebar #Wine #Food #Meat #Cheese #Charcuterie #Porkpie #Whitewine #Redwine #sparklingwine #Champagne #Prosecco #Bellinis #Cocktails #Spirits #Leedsbars #Leeds #gin #whiskey #rum #bourbon #tequila #liqueur #mezcal #sake #vodka #Lager #Beer #Ale
  • Warner Edwards Rhubarb Gin serves perfectly with Juniper berries, raspberries and tonic. Which tonic to choose? We will let you decide that! 🙌🏻
#TheDecanter #Winebar #Wine #Food #Meat #Cheese #Charcuterie #Porkpie #Whitewine #Redwine #sparklingwine #Champagne #Prosecco #Bellinis #Cocktails #Spirits #LeedsBars #Leeds #gin #whiskey #rum #bourbon #tequila #liqueur #mezcal #sake #vodka #Lager #Beer
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  • Monday
  • Jul '18

‘Wine down’ Wednesday’s

‘Wine down’ with our fab new Wednesday offer!

4pm until 10pm

Enjoy a charcuterie & cheese board with either;

X2 glasses of 125ml house wine for £10


Buy the bottle for £15

Make “Hump day” that little bit more exciting!

Would you like to book a table? Just email 

Prices are subjected to change and the offer can be withdrawn by management at anytime.

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  • Monday
  • Jul '18

‘Kick the Keg’ Sunday’s


Every Sunday from midday!

We will have 2 new guest beers every on tap every week for you to enjoy.

On Sunday’s each pint will cost £3.50

Once the Keg’s are gone they’re gone!

 Why not enjoy one of our award winning Pork Pie boards to go with our refreshing beers! 

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  • Tuesday
  • Aug '17

The Decanter After Work Drink Offers

As of Thursday 23rd August we will have a new after work drink offers!

Swing by The Decanter after work  Sunday – Thursday only (excl. Wednesdays) 4pm-7pm and take advantage of the following offers!


Small House Wine £3

Large House Wine £4

Bottle of house wine £16



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  • Monday
  • Jun '17

Meet the wine maker tasting, with Banfi winery

Monday 26th June 2017


@The Decanter

Banfi was founded in 1978 thanks to the will of the Italian-American brothers, John and Harry Mariani.

From the beginning, the goal of the two brothers was to create a state-of-the-art winery combined with the most advanced science in the vineyards for the production of premium wines.

The winery was designed to protect the integrity and richness of the grape, the winery employs state of the art technology, the result of revolutionary technical research and innovation.

And in this same philosophy, based on continual research, that a number of projects came to be on the estate, including the clonal study of Sangiovese, research on the composition and aging of wood for barrels – the great protagonist of aging wine – and the completion of our “Horizon” microvinification area, creating a winery within a winery.  This project, entirelyconceived and developed by and at Banfi, is made up of a series of expedient high level solutions undertaken to improve upon each phase of winemaking.

The tremendous undertaking for vinification is followed by a long silent rest in wood, where the great wines of Banfi, principally reds, evolve over the passage of time and refine their most distinctive characteristics of strength, elegance and longevity. More than 7000 customized barrels, laid out in orderly rows, and large casks make up the heart of Banfi, which beats in the silent and peaceful ambience surrounding the winery.

Join Dante for a wonderful night of tasting exceptional wines.

With/Without food

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  • Monday
  • Jun '17

Leeds Loves Cocktails

Balvenie whiskey & cheese pairing

The perfect early fathers day present?

Thursday 8th june 2017 6pm

Dont miss out!

We have an exclusive Whisky & Cheese pairing event with Alwynne Gwilt, The Balvenie UK Brand Ambassador.

A guided tasting through the Balvenie core range of 12,14 & 17 year old Whiskies with cheese pairings and the History of Balvenie.
Guests will enjoy a Balvenie cocktail on arrival, 3 Whiskies to try in the tasting and the chance to enjoy a special whisky on the evening too!
Alwynne has been involved in the whisky industry since starting her blog Miss Whisky in 2011. She has also appeared on C4’s Sunday Brunch! A tasting not to miss! 

Join us on Thursday 8th June at 6pm.

Wrist band holders only.

Email to reserve your place or click below for more information.

Get your wristband by clicking here. 


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  • Monday
  • May '17

Meet The Winemaker Wine Tasting, With Journeys End

Monday 15th May 2017


@The Decanter

Tickets £20 (email to purchase)

Journey’s End

Journey’s End is a boutique winery in Stellenbosch in South Africa. They produce small quantities of handcrafted wines which have picked up numerous international awards. Since 1995 it has been owned by the Gabb Family (who are from Shropshire) who have invested heavily in the vineyards and the winery. The name Journey’s End comes from the fact that the vineyards are at the Southern tip of Stellenbosch just a few kilometres from the Atlantic. They are serious about wine but also serious about having fun and have built a 42 foot, 12 ton trebuchet capable of catapulting cars in their vineyards.

Meet The Winemaker, Tom from Journey’s End

The wines will be presented by Tom Hanson-Smith. Originally from the UK Tom spent 3 years studying wine at the University of Stellenbosch and is now the UK Ambassador for Journey’s End working closely with Rollo Gabb.

The Wines

The Journey’s End philosophy is “hands off winemaking” that is to do as little as possible to the grapes and let the quality of the fruit shine through. They specialise in single vineyard and appellation wines. Selecting the best plots and planting a wide range of grape varieties.

The Weatherstation Sauvignon Blanc
This Sauvignon comes from the highest vineyards in the Journey’s End estate. This combined with harvesting in the earlier hours of the morning when the grapes are cool means the wine retains as much fresh, crisp fruit flavour as possible. The name comes from a Sauvignon Blanc clone known as the ‘Weerstasie Kloon’ (Weather station clone) in Afrikaans because it originally grew near a Weather Station on the Stellenbosch Wine Campus. A mix of the punchy, intense flavours of Marlborough and the crisp, fresh flavours of Sancerre.

The Huntsman Shiraz Mourvedre
1811 was the year of the first hunt in the Western Cape with dogs imported from Gloucestershire. The remains of the kennels are on the site where the vineyard for this wines are planted. The wine is fermented using a technique called carbonic maceration to enhance the fresh fruity style. It is full of forest fruits and spice, richly flavoured but smooth and easy to drink.

Tom is also bringing some personal favourites for you to taste! You will be truly spoilt with these fantastic wines.

To purchase your tickets please click here:


Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 19.24.30

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  • Friday
  • May '17

Leeds Indie Food Festival

Leeds Indie Food Festival is a celebration of independents, being held in different venus across Leeds.

Leeds Indie Food Festival are putting on a bit of a show in May and we thought we should join the fun! A special collaborative event has been dreamed up by the teams behind The Decanter Wine Bar, and Laura from Yorkshire Wine School.

It’s back! Our bi-annual battle to be crowned Winner of the Grape Debate; the teams from The Decanter Bar and Yorkshire Wine School will be swotting up big time to bring you the ultimate tasting experience. Three rounds to be debated- best fizz, best white and best red- each team will present one wine for each round, all you need to do is turn up, taste and vote! In the spirit of all things indie, both teams will be showcasing wines produced by small, independent, often family-owned wineries. The Decanter are keen to show off some gems from their newly expanded wine list, Yorkshire Wine School will be drawing from their extensive knowledge and vast range of suppliers to bring you some of the most popular wines as voted for by the thousands of Wine Schoolers who have attended their recent events and courses. As well as tasting fun, you’ll plenty about these amazing wines as each team argues passionately for their case. There will be cheese and charcuterie nibbles laid on by The Decanter to perfectly pair with the delicious wines.

For more information on the festival or on our collaborators, please see their websites:

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  • Tuesday
  • Feb '17

Valentines Day

Spend a romantic Valentines Day here at The Decanter!

Whether you would like to join us for food or just a drink feel free to book a table to ensure you and your date are comfortable for the evening.

If you would like to book a table please do so by clicking here

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  • Friday
  • Jan '17

Blogger Review December 2016

Park Row in Leeds is home to a multitude of bustling restaurants and bars. Crowds of thirsty workers and shoppers filter through the heart of the business district at the end of the working day, in search of a glass or two. Nestled beside the likes of your typical chain restaurants and a few more sophisticated hangouts – sits The Decanter. Smart and cosmopolitan, in an understated way, this independent wine bar retains a sense of class, without being intimidating.


With an exciting new wine menu under their belt, the decanter now boasts an impressive selection of over 70 wines, of which 40 can be served by the glass – which we believe is the largest ‘by the glass list’ in the whole city! Their concept is to be adventurous; to offer something new to every individual who passes their door, and their new wine menu certainly helps to fulfill this goal. The unparalleled menu introduces exciting additions such as a new Portuguese 100% grape Moscatel, as well as a delicious Soave Veneto, produced in a 12 hectare vineyard in northeast Italy. Competitive pricing for such an eclectic menu also plays in their favour.


The bar itself is warm and inviting, intimately encased in bare brick walls and wood-panel. The comfy leather seating and flickering tea lights add to the relaxing ambience of the place. Visitors can start a ‘wine club’ membership card if they wish, or choose to attend private wine tastings. Regular ‘meet the wine maker’ sessions give both wine connoisseurs or wine amateurs an insight into the grapes in each bottle. All members of staff have fully trained taste buds, ready to help you discover a new wine tailored exactly to your palette, in an environment where wine culture is truly celebrated.


For those after something different to drink, The Decanter has a number of craft beers and quality ciders to choose from. There’s also a pure gin menu, offering you the choice from two-dozen different gins, paired with their perfectly matched botanicals. Charcuterie boards are also on offer, where you can choose from a selection of locally sourced cheese and meat combinations, which are the perfect accompaniment to their wines. The freshly baked award winning pork pie boards are certainly not to be overlooked!


The Decanter is predominantly an evening bar, however on weekends they open during the day, serving delicious coffee and cake and is the perfect location to stop by while out and about in they city. Power points are dotted around the venue and free Wi-Fi makes the bar the perfect place to sit and catch up on work for a few hours. Their tempting Social Hour is also perfect for after work drinks, with offers that are hard to resist after a long day at the office.


The Decanter is unassuming and inviting, a place where anyone can go for a quick coffee or for an easy chat about wine. It is recognizable, but not conspicuous. Charming, yet still very understated, The Decanter sits in quiet confidence on Park Row.


Night – or day – why not pay them a visit?


Blog By Independent Leeds December 2016

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Private Wine Masterclasses

Looking for somewhere to host a private event for friends, family or colleagues? We have just the thing! Join us for a private wine masterclass.

The cost is £20 per person, which includes a dedicated bartender who will run your masterclass, three wines which you will taste in the masterclass;

X1 White, X1 Red and X1 Rose (unless you have a preference) along with an additional sparkling wine and meat & cheese boards to share, which you can enjoy before, during, or after your masterclass.


Masterclasses can be tailored to suit your preferences and are perfect for groups from 2 people to 20 people.


Send your enquiry to us today by clicking this link which will take you to our bookings page. The Masterclass booking form is at the bottom of the booking page.