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  • If you are a fan of wine & cheese then you NEED to take advantage of the below offer/tasting evenings;
Wine Down Wednesday, from 4pm. Buy any bottle of wine and receive a complimentary food board (T&C's apply).
Wine & Cheese pairing evenings, Thursday 18th April & Thursday 25th April, both nights starting at 7pm. Ticket price £25 per person or £40 per person for both evenings.
Tickets can be purchased via our website (link in bio)
For all booking reservations & enquiries please email
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  • Our most popular Pinot Grigio, Spee'wah 2017, Australia
Pears, apples and tropical peach.
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  • Check out our @tripadvisor  just from the last week!!! If you are a lover of The Decanter then you already know and if you haven’t been yet, well the reviews clearly speak for themselves! So what are you waiting for 🍷🍷🍷
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  • We have the perfect tasting evenings for those who love Wine & Cheese! 🍷🧀
Tickets are still available at £25pp or £40pp if you attend both evenings (must pre-buy tickets together).
For more details head straight to our events page via our website and buy your tickets! (Link in bio) 🙌🏻
For all enquiries please email
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Light and refreshing with a delightful elderflower creaminess and it is Vegan friendly! 
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  • It's time for Wine Down Wednesday! 
For all bookings please email or you can just walk in!
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  • Jan '17

Blogger Review December 2016

Park Row in Leeds is home to a multitude of bustling restaurants and bars. Crowds of thirsty workers and shoppers filter through the heart of the business district at the end of the working day, in search of a glass or two. Nestled beside the likes of your typical chain restaurants and a few more sophisticated hangouts – sits The Decanter. Smart and cosmopolitan, in an understated way, this independent wine bar retains a sense of class, without being intimidating.


With an exciting new wine menu under their belt, the decanter now boasts an impressive selection of over 70 wines, of which 40 can be served by the glass – which we believe is the largest ‘by the glass list’ in the whole city! Their concept is to be adventurous; to offer something new to every individual who passes their door, and their new wine menu certainly helps to fulfill this goal. The unparalleled menu introduces exciting additions such as a new Portuguese 100% grape Moscatel, as well as a delicious Soave Veneto, produced in a 12 hectare vineyard in northeast Italy. Competitive pricing for such an eclectic menu also plays in their favour.


The bar itself is warm and inviting, intimately encased in bare brick walls and wood-panel. The comfy leather seating and flickering tea lights add to the relaxing ambience of the place. Visitors can start a ‘wine club’ membership card if they wish, or choose to attend private wine tastings. Regular ‘meet the wine maker’ sessions give both wine connoisseurs or wine amateurs an insight into the grapes in each bottle. All members of staff have fully trained taste buds, ready to help you discover a new wine tailored exactly to your palette, in an environment where wine culture is truly celebrated.


For those after something different to drink, The Decanter has a number of craft beers and quality ciders to choose from. There’s also a pure gin menu, offering you the choice from two-dozen different gins, paired with their perfectly matched botanicals. Charcuterie boards are also on offer, where you can choose from a selection of locally sourced cheese and meat combinations, which are the perfect accompaniment to their wines. The freshly baked award winning pork pie boards are certainly not to be overlooked!


The Decanter is predominantly an evening bar, however on weekends they open during the day, serving delicious coffee and cake and is the perfect location to stop by while out and about in they city. Power points are dotted around the venue and free Wi-Fi makes the bar the perfect place to sit and catch up on work for a few hours. Their tempting Social Hour is also perfect for after work drinks, with offers that are hard to resist after a long day at the office.


The Decanter is unassuming and inviting, a place where anyone can go for a quick coffee or for an easy chat about wine. It is recognizable, but not conspicuous. Charming, yet still very understated, The Decanter sits in quiet confidence on Park Row.


Night – or day – why not pay them a visit?


Blog By Independent Leeds December 2016

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Independent Leeds Wine Tasting

We had the pleasure of hosting a wine tasting event for the bloggers of Leeds, which was arranged by our friends over at Independent Leeds.


We treated the event as a introduction to wine tasting for the bloggers, as we had a varied level of experience in the group when it came to wine and tasting it! The lucky bloggers got to taste our Palmer & Co Champagne to start as a palate cleanser, then we kicked off the whites with our signature Sauvignon- the Spanish Cuatro Rayas Sauvignon Blanc, which was followed by our adventurous Best’s Great Western Riesling from Australia! We paired the whites with a selection of cheeses from our food menu, which went down a treat! Then onto the reds, where we tasted the fruity French Eric Louis Pinot Noir, against the full bodied French Bastide St Dominique Chateauneuf-Du-Pape! Then we finished off with a final palate cleanser of the Palmer & Co Champagne, paired with some of our favourite ‘Champagne Cheese’!

A great afternoon was had by all and the blogs are rolling in! If you’re interested about finding out more about the event, the bloggers and of course the wines, then have a look at the links below, which will take you directly to the blogs! Enjoy!

Thank you again to Independent Leeds for introducing us to the lovely bloggers of Leeds!


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  • Friday
  • Sep '15

Camden Town Brewery Tap Takeover

Here at The Decanter we are renowned for our wine, but we also have a passion for craft lagers and ales. We were one of the first bars in Leeds to stock Camden Town Brewery back in 2014 and have always been huge supporters of them. Now their selection has grown massively and we were very excited to be asked by Camden to host their ‘Shout Out’ while they were in Leeds for the beer festival. So together we hosted our first ever tap takeover!

We had a huge selection of Camden Town’s fantastic beers, including Hells, Unfiltered Hells, Indian Hells, Pale, Wit, Pills, Camden V’s Stone & Wood and Unfiltered Hells, alongside two exclusive limited edition beers Strawberry Hells and Fruit Cup in collaboration with Beavertown.

Not only did we have a huge selection of their beers but the guys from the brewery came down to the bar to chat with our customers all about them! They even got a few rounds in!

If you missed the event this weekend, you can still come and try the beers, which we are keeping on until the weekend due to the fantastic response!

Thanks to everyone who came! Cheers!


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  • Jul '15

We Love Rioja!

The title says it all, we love Rioja (The wine and the province!)

We recently took a trip to Rioja to visit some fantastic vineyards and wineries and we wanted to share some of our favourite moments from the trip with you!


FullSizeRender-2 FullSizeRender-3

Our first stop was Cune Winery. Cune was established in 1879 and today it still sits on its original site, in the wine district Barrio de la Estacion, in Haro, Rioja Alta wine region. The winery comprises of both structures and cellars, most dating from the 19th century! Above are some photos e took of their impressive oak barrels full of their beautiful wines.


The above photo was taken in one of Cune wineries many cellars, this is the personal collection of the owner. Everything is covered in penicillin mould which protects the wine. There is an 1888 bottle in this collection! He won’t sell a single bottle to anyone no matter what they offer (he once turned down a huge one million for some of his collection), that is love and dedication!


The next stop was Vina Real winery, located on the Cerro de la Mesa Hill, Alavesa, Rioja! Their building is designed to look like a wine barrel! We loved their wines so much we took five of their wines home with us and sold them on our specials board! Our favourite was the Vina Real Gran Reserva, made from the Tempranillo and Graciano grapes, it is deep ruby red in colour, with shades of garnet, with complex and intense flavours, mainly due to its stay in oak, giving notes of leather, coffee and spices, as well as a well integrated flavour of stewed fruits.


Our final stop on our vineyard tour was the beautiful Contino Winery. Above is a photo of our very own Alex with Jesus Madras the winemaker at Contino. They call him ‘Mr Graciano’ (Jesus that is, not Alex), as he was the first winemaker to use 100% Graciano grapes in Rioja wine!

The bottom left picture shows Jesus taking wine for us to taste from one of the 15 barrels of 2013 Rioja. The weather was so bad in 2013 only enough grapes to make 15 barrels passed the highly stringent quality checks demanded by Continuo (which is a very small amount for a winery the size of Contino). Because there is so little of this wine it will never be sold to the public, destined to become a legendary wine. We were very privileged to sample it!

We want to say a huge thank you to Mathew Clark for taking us on such an amazing trip and to everyone who came to the Rioja wine tasting at The Decanter, we brought all the wine home for all of our customers to taste, of course!

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  • May '15

Leeds Indie Food Festival At The Decanter

Leeds Indie Food Festival was a celebration of independents, which was held in different venus across Leeds.

Leeds Indie Food Festival put on a bit of a show in May and we thought we would join in the fun! A special collaborative event was dreamed up by the teams behind The Decanter Wine BarGraze Bakery on Call Lane and Laura from Yorkshire Wine School. Our three way event featured some brand new wines from our newly re-vamped list, delicious nibbles created by the team from Graze to perfectly suit the wines along with Wine School fun and antics for the evening. 

Luke Hannaford - #LIF15_The Decanter presents_ Wine tasting with Graze and Yorkshire Wine School - 55ccc394-f941-11e4-9ee4-7ad1c200b233 - Original-2

Guests tasted 6 delicious wines on the evening, kicking off with a zesty English Sparkling Wine from Chapel Down winery and topping off things with a suitably sweet stickie of Rutherglen Muscat. Inbetween we tasted wines from around the world including a fresh and peppery Gruner Veltliner from Austria and a robust and earthy Aglianico from Southern Italy. Alongside the wines was four handcrafted nibbles to enhance the flvaours of the wine. Picking only the freshest seasonal ingredients, Graze bakery worked away on these tasty morsels, which included beautiful English asparagus, crunchy pork crackling and the earthy flavours of game.

Here are some photos of the event! Thank you to everyone who came and made it a great evening!

Luke Hannaford - #LIF15_The Decanter presents_ Wine tasting with Graze and Yorkshire Wine School - b67edf74-f941-11e4-a804-7ad1c200b233 - Original-3

Luke Hannaford - #LIF15_The Decanter presents_ Wine tasting with Graze and Yorkshire Wine School - a09c96f6-f941-11e4-b1b4-46bfd53c547e - Original-2

Luke Hannaford - #LIF15_The Decanter presents_ Wine tasting with Graze and Yorkshire Wine School - 892acdee-f941-11e4-a70c-7ad1c200b233 - Original-2

For more information on the festival or on our collaborators, please see their websites: