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  • This weekends guest beer on the taps is @beavertownbeer Neck Oil! 
This easy drinking IPA is the 7th most popular beer in the country for a reason! Come give it a try if you haven't already!
Beavertown say the name Neck Oil comes from their founder, Logan, fondly remembering his Grandad stating that he was “off down the pub for a pint of neck oil”. #TheDecanter #WineBar #Leeds #Wine #Meat #Cheese #Charcuterie #RedWine #WhiteWine #Sparklingwine #Champagne #Prosecco #Cocktails #Spirits #gin #Beer #Ale #lager #LeedsBars #discounts #offers
  • We are proud of the quality of our food here at The Decanter.
All of our Charcuterie is sourced from British producers and it even features some Yorkshire Chorizo!
Enjoy with our after work drinks offers today from 4pm. .
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  • Today's wine recommendation for Wine Down Wednesday is @huia_vineyards Sauvignon Blanc, from Marlborough, New Zealand.
Intense and fruity with zesty, lip-tingling gooseberry and lime notes underlined with tropical passion fruit. 
Buy any bottle of wine tonight and get a free food platter! Thats why we love Wednesdays! .
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  • Meeting friends after work? Take advantage of our after work drinks offers, 4pm-7pm.
125ml House Wine £3
175ml House Wine £4
Bottle of House Wine £16
125ml Prosecco £5
2 Draught Pints £8
Food platters from £5
Snacks from £2.95
#TheDecanter #WineBar #Leeds #Wine #Meat #Cheese #Charcuterie #RedWine #WhiteWine #Sparklingwine #Champagne #Prosecco #Cocktails #Spirits #gin #Beer #Ale #lager #LeedsBars #discounts #offers  #AfterWorkDrinks
  • One of our all time favourite gins here at The Decanter is @thebotanistgin 
It is an artisanal Islay gin made by Bruichladdich Distillery. It is one of two gins made on Islay. A huge 31 botanicals goes into The Botanist gin, including some native to Islay. 
The full list of botanicals is as follows: angelica root, apple mint, birch leaves, bog myrtle leaves, cassia bark, chamomile, cinnamon bark, coriander seed, creeping thistle flowers, elder flowers, gorse flowers, heather flowers, hawthorn flowers, juniper berries, lady's bedstraw flowers, lemon balm, lemon peel, liquorice root, meadow sweet, orange peel, oris root, peppermint leaves, mugwort leaves, red clover flowers, tansy, thyme leaves, water mint leaves, white clover, wood sage leaves. Phew!
As you can see this gin is absolutely packed with flavour! 
#TheDecanter #WineBar #Leeds #Wine #Meat #Cheese #Charcuterie #RedWine #WhiteWine #Sparklingwine #Champagne #Prosecco #Cocktails #Spirits #gin #Beer #Ale #lager #LeedsBars #TheBotanistGin #IslayGin
Our Summer wine and cheese tasting evening will give you ample wine inspiration for any summer events you have coming up!
You will taste 6 summer wines with cheese pairings, the perfect event for National Wine & Cheese Day on Thursday 25th July!
Tickets can be purchased via our website:
#TheDecanter #WineBar #Leeds #Wine #Meat #Cheese #Charcuterie #RedWine #WhiteWine #Sparklingwine #Champagne #Prosecco #Cocktails #WineTasting #SummerWineTasting #SummerWine
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Blogger Review December 2016

Park Row in Leeds is home to a multitude of bustling restaurants and bars. Crowds of thirsty workers and shoppers filter through the heart of the business district at the end of the working day, in search of a glass or two. Nestled beside the likes of your typical chain restaurants and a few more sophisticated hangouts – sits The Decanter. Smart and cosmopolitan, in an understated way, this independent wine bar retains a sense of class, without being intimidating.


With an exciting new wine menu under their belt, the decanter now boasts an impressive selection of over 70 wines, of which 40 can be served by the glass – which we believe is the largest ‘by the glass list’ in the whole city! Their concept is to be adventurous; to offer something new to every individual who passes their door, and their new wine menu certainly helps to fulfill this goal. The unparalleled menu introduces exciting additions such as a new Portuguese 100% grape Moscatel, as well as a delicious Soave Veneto, produced in a 12 hectare vineyard in northeast Italy. Competitive pricing for such an eclectic menu also plays in their favour.


The bar itself is warm and inviting, intimately encased in bare brick walls and wood-panel. The comfy leather seating and flickering tea lights add to the relaxing ambience of the place. Visitors can start a ‘wine club’ membership card if they wish, or choose to attend private wine tastings. Regular ‘meet the wine maker’ sessions give both wine connoisseurs or wine amateurs an insight into the grapes in each bottle. All members of staff have fully trained taste buds, ready to help you discover a new wine tailored exactly to your palette, in an environment where wine culture is truly celebrated.


For those after something different to drink, The Decanter has a number of craft beers and quality ciders to choose from. There’s also a pure gin menu, offering you the choice from two-dozen different gins, paired with their perfectly matched botanicals. Charcuterie boards are also on offer, where you can choose from a selection of locally sourced cheese and meat combinations, which are the perfect accompaniment to their wines. The freshly baked award winning pork pie boards are certainly not to be overlooked!


The Decanter is predominantly an evening bar, however on weekends they open during the day, serving delicious coffee and cake and is the perfect location to stop by while out and about in they city. Power points are dotted around the venue and free Wi-Fi makes the bar the perfect place to sit and catch up on work for a few hours. Their tempting Social Hour is also perfect for after work drinks, with offers that are hard to resist after a long day at the office.


The Decanter is unassuming and inviting, a place where anyone can go for a quick coffee or for an easy chat about wine. It is recognizable, but not conspicuous. Charming, yet still very understated, The Decanter sits in quiet confidence on Park Row.


Night – or day – why not pay them a visit?


Blog By Independent Leeds December 2016

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There can be no greater drink than wine. Throughout history the red, white and rose has travelled the world across good and evil, to continually be an important presence and significant influence. For 8000 years it has variously transcended through mystery, mythology and religion, into a symbol of joy, worship, health, wealth, and life and  death.

Now the world’s most popular alcoholic beverage produces over 30 billion bottles-worth a year, with increasing varieties, methods and styles in countless countries. However, the impressive and growing quality and complexity of wine has, by intent and by accident, created a surrounding snobbery and impenetrable elitism within. Whilst most UK households sup budget mediocrity, glasses of superiority sell for fortunes, often accompanied by wine-wiffle-waffle.

Yet for those in the know, there is a happy medium, where bottles of beauty can be enjoyed without the bank loan or bravado and Leeds has one such bar offering to share the love. The Decanter opened last year on Park Row with the intention of supplying fine wines from interesting grapes to the Leeds public, all in an elegant setting that educates and elevates but does not intimidate. Marvellous!

The Decanter was set up by Leeds couple Alex and Allison, who decided to take their passion and make it their lives. The pair had gained an expertise of quality wines, having spent three years taking affordable versions to pop-ups, markets and festivals in their mobile bar, before looking for a permanent space in their home city. “We found the perfect setting,” they say of their stylish spot in an unusual part of town for an independent venture, but one that does indeed feel just right.

In only five weeks, with the help of family favours, the pair designed and transformed an empty shell into their vision; “it turned out exactly as we imagined it!” they say, rightfully proud. That look is of relaxed sophistication, a sultry long room of reclaimed wood and brick, dimly lit, creating a cool and a warmth, all too easy to settle into with a bottle (or few).

The wine list has been masterly crafted, a plentiful but manageable choice that explains both simply and informatively. A selection of specially chosen wines from popular grapes are accentuated by suggestions of lesser-known varieties to try. “The concept is of a wine bar featured around grapes no-one knows,” they explain. “If you like Pinot, be adventurous, you might love our pick and learn more.”

Using specialist wine suppliers, The Decanter are “constantly looking for the next best drink” and source bottles from vineyards all over the world to create an annually changing menu that delights all tastes, from quaffable Chardonnays & Merlots to characterful Moscato & Grenache. Through customer recommendations and new discoveries, there are also regularly changing guest bottles and occasional focuses on specific regions to add to the array of options, plus a ‘wine club’ where people get to freely sample wines of the month at their own leisure.

In keeping with their easy-going ethos, The Decanter accepts that “not everybody wants to drink wine all the time” (really?) and so provide a handsome selection of equally eclectic other stuff. Non-alcoholics are amply catered for, cocktails are almost as extensive and inventive as the wine and beers range from local draught ales to imported bottled lagers. The venue also occasionally hosts ‘meet the brewer’ events. In October they will be launching a new winter menu to incorporate mulled wine and cider, for which the plush interior seems perfectly suited to snuggle into.

To compliment the vino and to line the belly, there is an accompanying food menu, which lists lip-licking plates and platters. Similar to the overall feel of the place, these combine down-to-earth goodness with premium refinement, as mighty pork pies marry mature cheeses and choice charcuterie, sourced from top Yorkshire farms. “It’s important for us to keep that connection with Yorkshire and to use independent farmers and producers,” they tell me. “All our food and drink has a story behind it. We want it to be quirky and different.”

The Decanter certainly succeeds in that, as a unique city bar developing its own story within Leeds. One where wine culture is celebrated, not through exclusivity and pretension, but by shared excellence and inclusive enjoyment. Try it, you might like it.

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The Best First Date Bars In Leeds- Leeds List

‘Thought by most to be a wine bar, beer-drinkers shouldn’t be put off, because they’ve got a cracking selection of craft beers to go alongside their vino. The bar itself boasts dim lighting and cosy seats, perfect for first dates, and if you get peckish, you could always indulge in one of their meat or cheese boards. Look out for their wine and beer tasting events too, for something fun to do for future dates, if all goes well, that is.’

 ’21 of the best first date bars in Leeds’-


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10 Bars You Should Visit In Leeds- Yorkshire Life Magazine

‘A sophisticated wine bar located in the heart of Leeds, The Decanter offers an array of wines, champagnes and fruity cocktails. Whether you are a wine lover or not The Decanter has something to offer you.’

10 Bars you should visit in Leeds-

  • 19
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Best new bars in Leeds- Wow247

‘If you fancy yourself as a bit of a sommelier and you live in Leeds, there’s a fair chance you’ve already taken the chance to seek out The Decanter. You won’t get your bog standard supermarket wines here; each bottle is handpicked from the world’s most esteemed vineyards to give it a sense of heritage belying its youthful existence. Intimate and sophisticated without any hint of pretention, it’s well worth a go on a date night.’

‘5 of the best new bars in Leeds’- 

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Best Cocktail Bars In Leeds- Leeds-List

‘Best known for its handpicked selection of wines, The Decanter probably isn’t the first place you’d think to look for cocktails, but the independent bar might just surprise you. Forgo your favourite vino for the night and try something from the cocktail menu – they’ll mix you up a cracking Long Island Iced Tea or give you an intriguing twist of the classic Mojito that adds apple and elderflower into the mix.’

‘The Best Cocktails Bars In Leeds’-

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Best Newcomer Nominee- Oliver Awards

We were proud to be nominated as ‘Best Newcomer’ in the 2014 Oliver Awards for food and drink, in association with the Yorkshire Evening Post.

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Best Newcomer and Best Mixologist Nominee- Leeds Food & Drink Awards

We were honoured to be voted for by the people of Leeds for ‘Best Newcomer’ and ‘Best Mixologist’ in the Leeds Food & Drink Awards in association with

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Review by The Yorkshire Evening Post

‘The Decanter is a wine bar, in case you hadn’t guessed, but given we were driving and were here for the food, we abstained (see YEP’s Barfly review of The Decanter as a venue for drinks). For those who do want to sample their impressive selection of wines, there were perfect accompanying nibbles on offer, such as whole almonds, Italian mixed pitted olives or feta, sundries tomatoes with olives.

Inside The Decanter, the dark decor includes plush sofas and armchairs for laid back drinking and dining. If you’re feeling more peckish than nibbles, The Decanter offers a range of platters which would be incredibly tempting with a bottle, or two. The cheese board boasts five different cheeses along with grapes, crackers, bread and caramelised red onion chutney, for £11.95.

Likewise for the meat board – five tasty morsels of meat are offered up for £10.95, including chorizo, salami Napoli and Serrano ham. The menu also helpfully recommends wine for the boards to go with.

As inviting as these sharing – or not – platters looked, we fancied a dish we could eat on our own for our Saturday lunch. The Decanter’s sandwiches are all a variation on the ingredients for their boards – but with such tasty produce, why not? As a fan of pesto, I nearly went for the brie, basil pesto and sundried tomatoes option but plumped for the smoked Coverdale cheese, Serrano ham and red onion chutney sandwich.

With no mention of crisps or chips on the menu, it was a nice surprise when it came with a bowl of salted crisps. The sandwich was made with delicious slabs of focaccia bread and there was no scrimping on the filling – big blocks of the smoked cheese and folds of ham, with extra chutney in small jar on the side. The smoked cheese was unsurprisingly the most overpowering flavour but was delicious, especially with more chutney spooned onto each mouthful. My dining partner ordered the Pork Pie Board – a large Yorkshire-made pork pie served with the red onion chutney and also a little bowl of picked onions. The pie was a good size for lunch, with the meat densely packed but full of flavour. A usual fan of mustard served with pork pies, my companion was pleasantly surprised by the chutney accompaniment and the picked onions went down a treat – with him and me.

The Decanter offers great value for money, with two such good quality lunches coming to £9.90. The place was empty when we first arrived at about 12.45pm but had begun to fill over our sitting, with a mix of people enjoying the odd drink, glass of wine or lunch. And The Decanter suits all of those options – as much a place to have a proper plate of lunch as it is to graze with a bottle of wine. It is certainly a bar we will be returning to soon for an early evening glass with nibbles.’

Review: The Decanter, Park Row, Leeds-